Should You Repair or Replace a Door Closer on a Commercial Door?

A commercial door closer is a common fixture in many environments but often goes unnoticed until it malfunctions. These hydraulic devices automatically close doors after someone has walked through, enhancing security and energy efficiency by containing heat or AC and regulating the interior environment. In numerous locations, fire doors are mandated by law to have door closers installed.

Door Closer Repair Services

In many instances, opting for a door closer repair service is sufficient to ensure your building complies with fire codes and maintains control over the interior environment. Over time, door closers can wear out due to frequent use, with internal mechanisms and joints experiencing strain.

How to Select a Commercial Door Closer Repair Company?

When seeking the best hydraulic door closer repair company, inquire about their ability to repair the system using the necessary parts and materials. Companies that always advocate for replacement or new installations may not offer the best value. Knowledgeable experts can adjust most commercial door closer systems to modify factors such as maximum swing space, closing speed, and latch strength, tailoring repairs to the door and building’s specific requirements. However, overly rapid closure can impede doorway navigation and pose injury risks.

When is New Commercial Door Closer Installation Necessary?

If repair isn’t feasible, prompt replacement of the door closer is vital, especially in buildings subject to fire regulations. Various options for commercial door control mechanisms are available on the market, differing in mounting attachment locations, speed control for doors of varying sizes, and range of motion for ease of access.

Common reasons for installing a door closer include:

– Installation on a new door lacking a commercial door closer
– Detachment of an old door closer
– Malfunctioning hydraulics leading to failure of automatic closure
– New requirements for environmental control
– Mandated installation or replacement following fire marshal inspections

Whether you require repair or replacement of a commercial door closer, reach out to experienced and reputable door closer installers in your area for optimal service.

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