Rekey or Replace Locks

The term “rekey” inherently implies its process, which involves adjusting the internal mechanics of a lock to work with a new key while retaining the original lock hardware.

After rekeying, existing locks remain in place but no longer operate with the old keys, as they’ve been adjusted to function with a newly issued key.

While this concept is practical, it’s not universally understood among homeowners, some of whom may opt to change locks entirely instead of rekeying them.

However, lock replacement isn’t always the most efficient or economical choice. In many cases, especially when cost and time are considerations, rekeying presents a more advantageous solution.

Let’s explore some benefits of rekeying locks to understand why it’s often the preferable choice.

1. Efficiency and Simplicity

Rekeying services, offered by professionals like Auto Programming Center-Locksmith, are fast and straightforward, requiring only essential tools and a short amount of labor. While a DIY approach might prolong the process, a skilled locksmith can complete the task in 15-20 minutes.

2. Enhanced Security

Rekeying locks enhances your home’s security by eliminating access potential from old keys, especially advisable when moving into a previously occupied residence. This action prevents previous occupants or anyone with a duplicate key from entering, symbolically marking a fresh beginning and bolstering security.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Rekeying primarily involves changing key pins within the lock cylinder, making it a less expensive alternative to full lock replacement when updating your lock system.

These benefits make rekeying an attractive option for efficiently resolving temporary door lock issues. However, in cases where the lock mechanism itself is faulty, replacement might be the only viable solution.

By consulting an Auto Programming Center-Locksmith, you can ensure a seamless transition to a new key system, maintaining security without the higher costs or longer timelines associated with replacing locks.

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