Automotive Smart Key Duplication & Programming

How It Works

The intelligent key utilizes radio waves to communicate with the corresponding vehicle, employing embedded antennas to confirm its presence.

Most car keys manufactured since 1995 incorporate a transponder chip, capable of both receiving and transmitting radio signals. In modern vehicles, keys serve a multitude of functions beyond merely locking and unlocking doors. An unauthorized key fob signal can trigger the alarm system or even immobilize the engine, effectively thwarting unauthorized access.

Upon entering the vehicle, starting the engine is as simple as pressing the ignition button, typically located near the steering column.

Vehicles equipped with a smart-key system can deactivate the immobilizer and start the engine without the need to physically insert a key into the ignition, provided the driver has the key inside the vehicle. This is typically achieved by pressing a starter button or turning an ignition switch.

How effective are these smart keys in terms of anti-theft technology? Well, they utilize rolling codes. A computer within the vehicle recognizes the rolling code emitted by the smart key, verifying it before allowing the engine to start.

This ensures that only the appropriate smart key can unlock the vehicle’s doors or start its engine. In essence: Your Key is Specifically Matched to Your Car.

Types of Car Keys Requiring Programming

Car key with remote fob (remote keys) – enabling keyless entry to the vehicle.
Car key with transponder chip, also known as a transponder key.
Flip keys.
Smart keys / Keyless go / Push to start

What is an immobilizer and how does it function?

An immobilizer is an electronic device that prevents a vehicle from starting unless the correct key is used or a specific key fob is present. A factory-installed immobilizer is one installed during manufacture.

The engine immobilizer serves as an anti-theft system. When a key is inserted into the ignition or a Smart key fob is brought into the vehicle, a code is transmitted from the key to the car’s electronic control unit. The engine will only start if the code in the transponder chip within the key or Smart Key fob matches the code in the vehicle’s immobilizer.

An immobilizer acts as an electronic security measure, preventing the vehicle from starting with an incorrect key.

Do I have one?

If your car was manufactured before 1998, it likely does not have an immobilizer installed. However, you can purchase one and have it installed.

Factory-installed immobilizers have been mandatory on all new cars since 1998, so if your car was built after then, it almost certainly has one – unless a previous owner has disabled or removed it.

At Auto Programming Center-Locksmith, we specialize in automotive locksmith services:

Car key programming services.
Car key repair.
Proximity/smart keys.
OEM Car Key Duplication and Replacement.
OEM Remote Fob Duplication.
Standard and high-security (laser key) car key cutting.
VIN Cut Car Keys (if all keys are lost).

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