4 Reasons to Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying is a process frequently sought by individuals aiming to enhance the security of their homes without replacing their locks entirely. In essence, rekeying involves altering the working key of a lock to a different key while retaining the lock itself. Put simply, the old key will no longer operate the lock after rekeying.

During the rekeying process, the tumbler within the lock cylinder is replaced, and a new key matching the new tumbler is provided. While the option of replacing the entire door lock exists, rekeying is typically a more cost-effective alternative.

Here are four common reasons why rekeying your locks may be necessary:

1. Moving to a new home: When transitioning into a new residence, it’s prudent to rekey your locks to ensure that only you have access. This eliminates concerns about who may possess copies of the previous keys.

2. Lost keys: Losing your keys can raise concerns about potential unauthorized access to your home. Rekeying renders the lost keys useless and provides you with a new interior locking system and key for added security.

3. Burglary prevention: Feeling safe and secure in your own home is paramount. Rekeying your locks can help prevent unauthorized entry, minimizing the risk of burglary and protecting your property and peace of mind.

4. Using an existing key: If you desire to use a different existing key to open a lock, such as consolidating multiple keys for different doors, rekeying is necessary. This process involves disassembling the lock and replacing the pins to align with the cuts and grooves of the new key.

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